Why Choose AMAS?

  • We offer person (s) receiving services opportunities to form and sustain, positive social relationships.
  • We provide opportunities for skill building through community interactions and the integration of social, productive and recreational endeavors.
  • We work with our consumers to identify supports they need or want, not just those recommended by professionals.
  • We take a continuous stance of advocating for all consumers coming into our residential and non-residential programs.
  • We are a multi-cultural organization and employed staff who has the basics of empathy and caring.

The following lists contracted services provided by AMAS Incorporated:

Respite Services:

Respite services (In-Home and Out of Home) are available days and evenings. A family desiring assistance with respite services could simply contact AMAS Incorporated. Our respite service differs from the traditional models' on which many of the systems that work with families are based.

  • We respond quickly to needs.
  • We offer support at times and locations convenient to the caregivers and allow follow up phone calls whenever caregivers need support.
  • The intensity and array of respite services are individually based on the caregivers' needs and level of support.
  • Our respite services are family focused, time limited, and objective-oriented.
  • We help to prevent crisis by meeting needs early.
  • We are flexible to family needs.

In-Home Family Support:

AMAS staff provides supervision and assistance to allow persons with disabilities to live safely and independently in their homes. Without supportive services, persons with disabilities could not safely remain in their homes. The in-home support services are designed to promote and practice independent living philosophy of: consumer control regarding decision making, service delivery, self-help and self-advocacy; development of peer relationships and equal access to community resources. AMAS staff will come to your home to assist and support you on your identified needs. The frequency of staff visits will be determined by you, your family and significant others. Support services include cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, personal care and grooming, transportation to medical appointments, teaching and demonstration directed at reducing need

Community Residential Services (CRS):

Our CRS program goal is to facilitate integration into community life for each individual. Services are designed to empower individuals to exercise choices, live a self-determined life, and teach functional skills and to model effective healthy relationship-building. Our CRS program provides the following basic services:

  • Lodging.
  • Meal planning, purchase and preparation.
  • Household and assistance with daily living skills.
  • Safety and Self preservation training.
  • Money Management.
  • Community integration.
  • Transportation/Bus training.
  • Contact with family friends and significant others.

Transitional Living Home Program:

This transitional housing support is equivalent to a conventional corporate foster care and a superior alternative for older youth who cannot face another placement and are committed to living on their own.

About the Transitional Living Home Program:

The goal of our program is to assist our consumers in developing the skills needed to self-direct their own lives in a home-like environment that demonstrates the importance and pride that can be achieved when a consumer learns to care for themselves. AMAS believes that all people have the right to make their own decisions, including life goals and skills development. Our Transitional Living Home (TLH) program utilizes a "hands on" approach to independent living skill development. The consumer works with support staff one on one and learns skills under the direction and instruction of the TLH staff.

What are Independent Living Skills?:

Independent living skills are those skills necessary to live as independently as possible. Such skills may include but are not limited to: housekeeping, cooking, time management, shopping, laundry, socialization, and budgeting. Skills may be related to social/recreational activities such as utilizing leisure time in a satisfying manner, or knowing where to find appropriate social activities and resources.

Who Needs Independent Living Skills?:

Everybody continues to develop independent living skills throughout their lives. Our program seeks to assist individual with disabilities to develop new independent living skills or enhance existing skills. Our goal is to encourage our consumers to make the choice to live independently, to be responsible and to dedicate time toward obtaining their own goals and skills development.

What Does AMAS Transitional Living Home Program Offer?:

The Transitional Living Home Program provides a home-like environment as well as qualified caring staff to supervise and teach independent living skills on such topics as: nutrition/cooking, budgeting, assertiveness, etc. In addition, AMAS provides one-on-one training support to the client in order to best facilitate learning.

The goals of transition home are to teach independent living skills so that the consumers can benefit from lower level of care and also to function more independently in the community. AMAS may use the following viable solutions in meeting residential support needs: monitoring technology and minimal staffing pattern to increase independence while maintaining their safety.

SILS Services:

AMAS Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) Program is designed to meet the specific needs of persons with disabilities as they live in a semi-independent living environment. It is AMAS Inc's mission to provide SILS instruction and skill building training to enhance the capacity of the individual to live independently in the community.

Our SILS program outlines a specific set of services and tasks specifically selected for each individual. The program is designed to work on identified areas of services.

AMAS program services include instruction and skill building with budgeting, meal preparation, shopping, personal appearance and hygiene, home maintenance, recreation/leisure skills and other activities which are needed to maintain and improve the capacity of an adult to live in the community.

Independent Living Skills Training:

AMAS offers Independent living skills training for people with serious and persistent mental illness and/or developmental disabilities to expand their opportunities for independence and community integration. Our agency will oversee services to enhance psychiatric stability, social competencies, person and emothinal adjustment.

Our ILS program offers the following service components: obtain stable housing, medication management and/or compliance, assistance with activities of daily living: training and educating people receiving services to develop budgeting, household management, personal care, sensory activities, employment/vocational skills and addressing symptoms of mental illness and challenging behaviors.

Individuals receiving services will have access to a range of housing choices and living arrangements adequate to meet their identified preferences. Services will be provided in the community settings with individual supports.

Independent Living Services:

AMAS Incorporated provides Independent Living Services for seniors/elderly facing long term care. The home offers 24-hour care for those who can no longer live independently. These homes are designed for people over fifty-five for adults facing risk of long-term frequent hospital admission or continued medical services involvement. We begin services by reviewing your needs through discussions with involved significant people. When necessary, we consult with the physician(s) of the care recipient, social services, hospitals, or other nursing homes or long-term care facility.

We recognize that the need for long-term care is based on the limitations of a person's ability to manage certain functions. We will develop an individualized assessment to manage complexities of daily needs. We believe that good care plans are essential to good care. Our care plan are put together by a team of providers, family members and significant others and updated as often as necessary.

It is our goal at AMAS to provide high quality care and services to those who reside in our facility. Our home setting recognizes an individual's needs for some control over the events in daily life and makes every effort to involve individuals in basic decisions whenever possible.

Each individual has the opportunity to participate in the service delivery process to ensure staff responds to needs in a family-like environment. This helps us in promoting the evaluation of these services through client supervision, re-assessment and the regular communication between the persons receiving services, families, physician and significant others.

We celebrate every individual's unique attributes, treating each person with respect and affording them with quality of life filled with dignity. At AMAS, we value 'wisdom'. Wisdom is one of the few things in human life that does not diminish with age.

Supported Employment Services:

AMAS SES program addresses the employment needs of adults with developmental disabilities. Unlike traditional day program, AMAS SE services are aimed at finding competitive work in a community integrated work settings for persons with disabilities who need ongoing support services to learn and perform the work.

Once eligibility is determined, our employment coordinator will conduct individualized and person-centered needs and preferences survey in order to determine appropriate employment opportunities. AMAS staff will use the information gather from this survey for individualized training, educational opportunities, job development and job placement activities.

Supported Employment placements can be either individual placements or group placements. Support is usually provided by a job coach who meets regularly with the individual or in a group on the job to help him or her learn the necessary skills and behaviors to work independently.

Job coaching services may also include any of the following: on the job skill training, observation or supervision at the work site, consultation and/or training of coworkers and supervisors, assistance in integrating into work environment, accessing public transportation, and any other on-or off the-the-job support services needed to reinforce and stabilize job placement. As the individual gains mastery of the job, the support services are gradually phased out.


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