Measuring Satisfaction:

  • At AMAS, we deliver services in more efficient, person-centered, responsive and accountable ways. We have established internal quality assurance to measure and track outcomes for individuals receiving services.
  • We conduct satisfaction surveys yearly or as needed focusing on individual health, safety, rights and quality of life and consumer choice. This is intended to promote improvement to agency management, planning and service delivery. This is also an opportunity to learn from those we serve and to design and test the needed improvements.
  • Another ways we monitor quality is through our voluntary participation in self-determination conducted by University of Minnesota, Institute for Community Integration and increased involvement of families and other stake holders, professional training and development, the sharing of best practices and networking.
  • In addition, our Executive Director ensures that services respond to individuals' unique needs with the most effective and appropriate level of support. At AMAS, consumer satisfaction is one of the core indicators of quality.

Satisfaction Survey 2018 Results:

Earlier this year, a satisfaction survey was placed on our website and made available for all consumers and interdisciplinary team members served by AMAS. The following were their responses:

  • 94% AMAS Incorporated listens to the choices and preferences of the people they support.
  • 96% Communication between the inter-disciplinary team is prompt and courteous.
  • 98% Individuals and their guardians feel supported by AMAS Incorporated and feel safe in their home and neighborhood.
  • 92% AMAS Incorporated assists the people they support maintain and/or develop friendships.
  • 98% Individuals privacy is respected.
  • 95% Individuals are supported in activities and experiences that help them reach their goals.

General Satisfaction:

  • Staff talks with me and listens to me.
  • Staff are fast to respond to phone calls.
  • Staff are kind to the consumers they serve.
  • Staff have done a great job with a particularly difficult consumer.
  • One consumer mentioned that they like the outings they go on, cooking, activities and being transported to doctor appointments when needed.
  • We admire the work that AMAS does for youth in our community.
  • It has been a pleasure to work with people who understand our son's behavioral issues-as well as his strengths.


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