Our Mission:

  • To create an outcome based support to find better solutions otherwise the individual will continue to exhibit behaviors which make them unwelcome nowhere except institutionalized environments.
  • To weave together a fabric of support for individuals that is strong enough to offset their apparent vulnerabilities.
  • To give individuals the opportunity to begin taking charge of their own lives, to make their own choices and mistakes, to empower them.
  • To provide consumers with quality food services that encourage healthy choices, engage consumers in physical activity that will promote fitness and educate staff and consumers in way that will stimulate physical and mental health.

Our Vision:

  • Long-term residential stability; that is, an end to the cycle of placement/replacement and provision of a warm, secure and accepting home.
  • To provide resources in support of a better future; that is assistance in developing hope-filled plans- for education, for independence, for employment, for personal relationships which work, for becoming a contributing member of the society.
  • To build individual (s) self-esteem and optimism and capacity for self-reliance.

Our Focus:

  • Providing long-term, integrated and community focused supporting services to children, adults and seniors as they return to the community and build lives for themselves.
  • Helping to increase the strengths and capacities of the individual being served.
  • Improving the ability of those served to maintain an equilibrium between their capacities and their vulnerabilities.
  • Building of intrinsic supports which endure when services are withdrawn or no longer needed.


Office Address: 4808 85TH AVE N, BROOKLYN PARK MN 55443

Phone Number: (763) 315-2837

Email Address:  contact@amasincorporated.com

Fax Number(s): (763) 424-6196


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AMAS provides services in least restricted environments. AMAS provides the following services: Community Residential Services, Independent / Transition Living, to Respite living services.

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